Jack Loveday

Breed: Male Bull Arab x

Age/DOB: 15/1/11
Weight: 36 kgs

  • Jack, Male Bull Arab  x
  • Jack, Male Bull Arab  x
  • Jack, Male Bull Arab  x
  • Jack, Male Bull Arab  x

Jack is a polite older gentleman with a sweet soul and friendly personality. He is a very tuned in boy who can seem to tell if you are having a bad day and will give extra snuggles. He can sometimes be a little bossy, but he is really smart, is eager to please and picks up commands easily. He is mostly just a big softy that wants to be near you. He is a fun loving guy who loves to be involved in the action, especially if the action is sleeping at your feet or on his favourite bed.

Jack is 10 years young and prefers shorter walks these days but apart from that shows very few signs of slowing down. He certainly knows how to do the happy dance when you come home, when it’s food time, when the lead comes out for a walk and sometimes just when you give him some attention. He has a very cute happy wiggle, then the age just drops away from him and it’s like he is a puppy again! Sometimes he wags his tail just because you are coming over to the side of the room that he is on. He really just wants to be close to you and will follow you to whichever room you’re in and find a comfortable spot.

Jack is a smart cookie knows “sit," “come here,” “wait,” “out,” "on your bed," and probably more that his foster carer hasn't found yet. He can sit and wait for his dinner. He is house trained apart from a few little initial marking accidents. He is fine to be left alone, is never destructive, is reasonably independent and will settle when he gets comfortable.

Jack is good on a lead, and doesn’t pull unless there is a very interesting smell. . He can be a little wary of strangers and will bark at people walking past the house and sometimes at strangers when you are out on walks if they come up to him unexpectedly or if they seem to be paying him too much attention. He will need help working on building his confidence with strangers.

Jack has seen a lot in his life and has needed much vet work on his eyes and paws. He is almost fully recovered and you can hardly tell that he was ever unwell.

Jack knows how things should go and will let you know what he thinks with funny vocalisations. He likes to let you know he is sad with a sorrowful howl and cute little sighs. He will bark as a warning if someone is by the front fence, for a little while when you leave to go out, and at the rats that come into the yard sometimes. The barking is not excessive and he settles quickly.

Jack would suit an adult family who want a kind soul with plenty of love to give. He needs a walk every day, some good food and a comfy inside bed to snuggle on. As he has been through a lot in the last little while he may need a little reassurance that everything is okay, but once you have his confidence he will be a friend for life. He really is no trouble around the house and is happy to find a spot he can just quietly pass the time.

Generally, Jack just wants a comfy spot on a bed or blanket in the room you are in and to have your attention for snuggles and pats. He is a laid back guy who is ready to be part of your life.

Location Geelong

Microchip Number: 900141000070997
Source Number: RE120211

Medical Notes:

All our dogs are desexed, C5 vaccinated with intranasal, microchipped, wormed, fleatreated and if over 12 months heartworm tested.

Adoption Fee: $580

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